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It’s been a long time. Two and a half years! I now see just how much of my professional life has been taken up with the AP Physics redesign. That was not only 1 new course but 2! There was a complete rethink by the College Board of how to teach science in general and algebra based AP Physics in particular*. A complete rethink by the College Board of how to present the material to teachers*. A complete rethink of what to expect of the students*.

In addition to this I took the opportunity to introduce Modelling and Standards Based Grading to all my courses, something that has been appreciated by my students if not always understood by my colleagues.

When I saw CB plans being fleshed out, I knew that for the sake of the students who would not or could not take AP Physics as their first / only physics course, I had to advocate for a third new physics course that would slot in below our previous physics options. This was especially important as there was a group of kids who would be forced to take a whole credit of High School Physics due to the changes made to middle school science several years ago. I am glad that the administration supported the students/me in this, however as the only physics teacher, the work load of three new courses has been enormous.

*These are topics worth reflecting on and I hope to follow them up in future blogs.

I know I have grown as a teacher through this redesign process although I have missed the opportunity to reflect on my practice through this blog.




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