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3 Peaks and 3 Pits

I recently found this article on experiences with standard based grading that had a lot of resonance with my own experience. 3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards Based Grading Advertisements

7 Big Ideas

The big ideas approach was possibly both the best and the worst part of the redesign. I love the big ideas! They forced me to check my own understanding of physics and therefore they enriched my ability to pass on that to my students. Now to be able to use the big ideas to help … Continue reading

Student-Centered, Inquiry-Based

There was a complete rethink by the College Board of how to teach science in general and algebra based AP Physics in particular.* CB was clear in its aim “By limiting the scope of content in each of the courses, this framework gives teachers the time needed to foster greater depth of conceptual understanding through the … Continue reading

Curriculum Blues

A complete rethink by the College Board of how to present the material to teachers*. This was perhaps the thing that caused most consternation the past 2 years on the CB run EDG. The old AP Physics B curriculum was basically a list of topics, coupled with 40 years of past exam papers. The teacher … Continue reading

The Racing Tortoise