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SBG One Semester In-Chem

I have been using SBG for one semester here at ICS and it is now time to write something. Chemistry My chemistry situation here at school is different to physics. In Physics I am the whole physics department teaching both general physics and AP. In chemistry the bulk of the chemistry courses are taught by … Continue reading

SBG One Semester In – Physics

I have been using SBG for one semester here at ICS and it is now time to make some observations. Physics In preparation for this reflection, I reviewed the material on my blog site written during the first flush of enthusiasm prior to introducing SBG this year. Reading these again was refreshing, I believe I … Continue reading

Standards-Based Grading – An Explanation

This class is based on a method of assessment called Standards-Based Grading. The goal of this method is to have your numerical/letter grade at the end of a term represent your mastery of the subject. Since this type of grading is so different from what you have likely experienced before, I’ve included this sheet to … Continue reading

Positive things about my first experience with SBG?

I’ll start with 4 On the whole, the kids picked up on the concept of SBG very quickly. Even though on that first introduction session there were great looks of uncertainty and puzzlement I was very pleased how quickly they started to run with this crazy new scheme. Their feedback was very positive. One thing … Continue reading

The Trial

After spending my Easter/Spring/Hot season break getting all enthusiastic about moving into SBG for next school year I stepped back. I suddenly thought that  I was just about to change to a new unit in my Physics classes, one final one for the year. I had a look at my list of learning objectives and … Continue reading

Why SBG now?

The question I want to answer now is why I have decided that this is the time to transition to SBG. The final jolt to go from thinking about it to planning for action was EARCOS conference . I admit that I came to the conference with a bad attitude because initially I signed up … Continue reading

Why Standards Based Grading

I am moving towards introducing standards based grading for my HS Physics class next school year (2012-2013).  Standards based grading (SBG) is something I have been partially aware of for a while and been thinking of introducing it ever since I heard about it. I thought I would try and put down in writing why … Continue reading

The Racing Tortoise