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3 Peaks and 3 Pits

I recently found this article on experiences with standard based grading that had a lot of resonance with my own experience. 3 Peaks and 3 Pits of Standards Based Grading Advertisements

Articles on Grading from Educational Leadership

Five Obstacles to Grading Reform by Thomas Guskey Effective Grading Practices by Douglas B. Reeves Making the Grade: What Benefits Students? by Thomas R. Guskey Can We Get Beyond Letter Grades? by M. Jon Dean  

My SBG Pitch

A maths teacher blogs about talking to his/her administrator about starting SBG in his/her classroom.

Tips from Robert J Marzano

Robert J Marzano appears to be the guru on this subject. Here are tips from Marzano’s 2010 book Formative Assessment & Standards Based Grading. I haven’t got my hands on a copy of the book so these online tips are all I have to go on. They look thought provoking. However I have opted a … Continue reading

Seven Reasons for Standards-Based Grading

AnĀ  Education Leadership article giving a rationale for SBG “If your grading system doesn’t guide students toward excellence, it’s time for something completely different.”

The Racing Tortoise